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a small world cup game

About A Small World Cup Game

A Small World Cup is a football-themed game based on unnatural physics, in which you have to fling yourself in the direction of the ball, trying to score the bigger number of goals within 90 seconds, and win against your virtual opponent.

A simplistic, pixelated design serves as the background for this game, which really suits its “small” epithet, as the teams are made up of just one player. It is an easy game to play, and also easy to beat your opponents, but this does not mean it is not enjoyable. Actually, it is really fun and amusing, with the way you move your player around being reminiscent of Angry Birds.

All in all, it is quite a pleasure to experience the crazy physics of A Small World Cup, as you try to win against your opponents by getting the ball to hit their net. This game is a funny football match in miniature, with a crazy control system, where you can enjoy jumping in the air and throwing yourself forward. Beat all the single-player teams to win the cup, in this nice and funny little piece of sporty entertainment, that is quite worth your playing time.

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A Small World Cup Game – Play Now
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