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It’s Hard Out Here For A Settler

The more technology consumes our world the more we all wonder: what if it were all just gone?

Anchored, a student project from Uppsala University, brings that idea to the forefront with a real-time strategy mix. Rebuild societies, explore the unknown, and fight for your life in this endless action-adventure.

Anchored is an easy title to pick up. Freeing you of an extraneous tutorial or any hovering fairy telling you what to do, this game throws you directly into the thick of surviving on limited resources; yet, is kind enough to buy you dinner first.

anchored free download

Will You Survive?

We are thrown a handful of mechanics and urged to live on.

Anchored download sets you up as a small group of settlers in a treacherous environment where every resource is life and life is a commodity. You had best be in for a challenging ride because this game wastes no time with trainers as it leads you on a path littered with difficulties for you to manage day in and day out.

Keep your community alive through building defenses, upgrading your settlers, and foraging out into the wild, in your fight against nature.

Accomplishments are overshadowed by the ever looming reality of death, so don’t get too comfortable and keep on pushing forward into the unknown for every second is meaningful and every skill can turn the tide.

Against the Odds

Anchored game download stands out from other survival titles with its art style and feel, but also takes you away from the over saturated idea of being alone in the “new world.”

In this base-building focused game it is all about pulling your talents and resources together to survive one more night against the wild.

You will be challenged to recognize your settler’s individual weaknesses and talents as you work, tirelessly, to build up your base in order to escape the nightmare that has been thrust upon you.

anchored game download

Final Thoughts On Anchored Game

Something to enjoy for a few hours thats for sure. However Anchored does little in the way of developing a story or theme to really draw the player in.

However if the developers are keen on continuing this project, I would certainly follow it.

Still the game is worth a play and will provide enjoyment for you at the end of the day.

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Anchored Free Download
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