Ancient Warfare 2 Free Download

ancient warfare 2 download

Ancient Warfare 2 Game Overview

The “red guys” have returned! Brought to you by independent developer JNI, Ancient Warfare 2 is the second installment in the never-ending fight against Red oppression.

This minimalistic, sandbox battle simulator puts you in the boots of a simple Blue soldier; but this time, you are not alone. Defend your land and your countrymen in all-out war, with an arsenal of weapons and allies, on a massive scale.

Indie Developer JNI

Powered by procedural generation and supported by an improved AI, Ancient Warfare 2 is a welcome ancient warfare 2 free downloadexpansion on the early days of the original.

Developer JNI has ramped up the experience with six alternate game modes and seven different biomes as well as mounted units, siege equipment, and structural prefabs specifically designed to highlight his latest and greatest addition to the game: a full editor mode and overhaul of the Custom Battle mode.

Blue vs Red!

Ancient Warfare 2 gives you the power to take the fight to the Reds the way you’ve always wanted.

The Custom Battle mode lends you ultimate access for endless possibilities in battles of epic scale where you can play the ultimate hero or simply watch the chaos ensue.

With new games modes like King of the Hill, or my personal favorite, Gladiator Arena, you can whet your blade and test your skills in combat against waves of merciless enemies eager to end your kill streak.

Ancient Warfare 2 Gameplay

A near perfect fit for the “Diamond in The Rough” trope and hinting at titles such as Mount and Blade, or Life is Feudal: Your Own, Ancient Warfare 2 has more going for it than readily meets the eye, yet, fumbles where it counts most.

Combat is stodgy at best. With a “swing and pry” hit box and no discernible difference between weapons, you are running into battle with nothing more than your dreams on your shoulders and no real way to combat your opponent other than underhanded tactics and/or simply having meta knowledge.

While the game is fun for a few hours, it frankly gets bogged down by its own simplicity and inability to provide a challenge to the player that isn’t almost entirely based on luck and shenanigans.

ancient warfare 2 download

Final Thoughts…

All and all, I’d say Ancient Warfare 2 Download is a fun and creative title well on its way to being a contender in the medieval sandbox market. Expansion on the game world and player experience would seem like the next best steps; either way, I am looking forward to what more the JNI has to offer here.

Ancient Warfare 2 Free Download
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