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ancient warfare td

An Unexpected Expansion

The red incursion never ends.

Not to be mistaken as the third installment to the Ancient Warfare franchise, Ancient Warfare TD is a game-mode which JNI hopes to bring into the expanding Ancient Warfare 2 universe.

Build your defenses and hold your ground against wave after wave of fearless militants.

Like the Good Ol’ Days

Much like its sister projects, Ancient Warfare TD Download is a minimalistic, combat simulator; however, this particular project focuses purely on tower defense mechanics.

Following the classic style of tower defense games, the player is given limited resources in which to build his defense against hordes of relentless enemies.ancient warfare td game

Enemies become more difficult as well as expand in variety as the rounds progress and the player is given the ability to upgrade, or build entirely new, defenses as the game continues.

This tower defense title delivers the nostalgia of playing small scale flash games and holds true to the simplicity and low time requirement of JNI’s other titles.

Various different structure types and level set ups brings some variety and depth to the game allowing the place to test attack ranges, damages rates, and effect types while building their perfect defense.

Even so, this same simplicity makes it hard for the game to hold the attention of the player for extended periods of time and takes away from what could be a captivating experience, even for 10 minutes or so.

ancient warfare td free download

Simply Too Easy

One of the most important parts of purely engagement driven titles is their difficulty level.

Ancient Warfare TD, unfortunately, provides a minimal challenge on any of its given difficulty settings and this is purely ancient warfare td freedue to poor balancing of the player’s cash gain and/or effectiveness of many of the structures.

While the game may appear to have a fair challenge level when you first pick it up, the player quickly begins to understand which towers are most effective and which cost the least for their effectiveness.

I have no doubt in my mind that the developers will iron out the issues with this well before its added into AW2; after all, this is an alpha.

I’d like to see the developers try to balance these issues without turning to some of the underhanded, and slightly broken, tactics that tower defense games seem to rely on to get past these difficulties.

Just a Few Changes

ancient warfare td game download

I’d love to see the graphics altered to give the entire franchise a unique look of its own.

The music has some charm and feel that sets the town of the title but certainly could use a few more songs. Compared with lack of difficulty, I often found myself noticing the music restarting much too often.

AWTD has a way to go before it is ready but as it stands it shows signs of life.

The developers have shown that they have a grasp on yet another style of game play and if nothing else it is treat to watch such a young developer growing as a programmer.

Ancient Warfare TD Download
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