Arizona Derby Free Download

arizona derby free download

Arizona Derby Game Overview

Drivers, for the first time ever, can choose for their ride from the waste variety of the latest supercars, placed onto buggy monsters, with only one goal: to make player emotions warm as glowing wheels.

You play as Mike, first driver of renowned Arizona Derby Show. Every second is live broadcasted to the tens of millions of viewers worldwide. You can’t make mistake, you have one rule and one chance – to get to the finish line, not as fast as possible, but as best as possible, crashing as many obstacles and missing broadcaster vehicles, while evading wild animals which wants to overturn your vehicle.

The rule is simple – more crashes of obstacles, the higher is the score.

As show gains global popularity it crosses over borders and offers new exciting tracks, from Tropical Paradise to Forest Rampage and many new breathtaking roads, soon to be revealed.

Arizona Derby Free Download
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