Barbershop Simulator Free Download

barbershop simulator download

Barbershop Simulator Free Download

Have you ever dreamt of opening your very own barbershop?

To cut, and trim, and shave, and flood the riverbanks of Seville with your music?

The developers of Barbershop Simulator sure have.

Alas, like so many of us, their dream was not come to pass. They were denied the glamorous life of the barber, called instead to game design.

But fret not my facial hair care aficionados!

Barbershop Simulator is here to immerse you in a stylish, manly, trip down what-might-have-been.

Hook up your clipper, hone your straight razor and flip that door sign to “OPEN”.

barbershop simulator download

Barbershop Simulator Gameplay

You are the proud owner of Joe’s Barbershop, a vintage, speakeasy-themed facial hair salon for the discerning mustachioed gentleman.

Music fills the air in the shop.

In your hands your trusty tools of the trade; a power-clipper and a straight razor.barbershop simulator game download

Customers arrive, each in a different stage of facial hairiness, but they all share a singular desire for shaving.

You examine their condition, turn their head a bit, and set to do that voodoo that you do.

The key is to follow the desired outcome icon on the bottom right of the screen.

How Will You Perform Under Pressure?

Now as all master barbers know, a customer is a fickle and demanding beast, so yours customers have their eyes fixed on your craftsmanship.

They evaluate you in terms of accuracy, speed and performance; and they aren’t shy either.

You get a grade at the end of each “transformation” and the money you deserve.

Most customers are strict, but considering the mess you make of their faces until you get the hang of it, that D+ they gave you looks tame by comparison.

barbershop simulator

Simply Elegant…

This indie game looks simplistic at first glance.barbershop simulator free download

Shaving is all you do throughout the game, there’s no twist, no surprises. The premise is amusing, but it can get old fast.

And yet it doesn’t.

The sense of satisfaction this game gives you is immense.

There is something subtle, yet elegant in the way you clean your customers’ faces. Few words can encapsulate the feeling of accomplishment you get when you execute a perfect trim.

Getting the hang of your tools is tricky at the beginning, since they respond a little erratically to your mouse, but you’re bound to have a good laugh with the results.

Final Thoughts

barbershop simulator freeAs a game, Barbershop Simulator download does not try to impress you with its fancy graphics or captivate you with its immersive plot.

It is simple and repetitive, but somehow this is a good thing.

It’s value becomes apparent if you look at it, not as a game, but as Zen meditation; very much like trimming a bonsai, or tending a rock garden.

It might not give you the kick-ass barber skills you crave in real life, but it just might launch your mind to enlightenment, one sloppy buzz cut at a time.

Barbershop Simulator Free Download
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