Bendy and the Ink Machine Download

bendy and the ink machine download

Bendy and the Ink Machine Game

“My world is ink and paper. Paper walls, paper doors, paper fire.

Black machines pumping black blood, brooding black thoughts.

Dreams come true here. They all cut. They all stain.

I was the Animator once. I drew them! I made them dance! They were in the pages; I was out!

Where’s the door? Cardboard ghosts haunt me. They don’t blink. They show me teeth.

I know they move when I’m not looking. I hear them whisper.bendy and the ink machine game

Why do the walls sweat black?

The Machine won’t let me go.

I have a purpose now. I must fix it. There’s the door! I push. It opens.

I fall. I fall into the Heart of Darkness.”

Bendy and the Ink Machine Download

You are Henry, an early-era cartoon animator.

It’s been 30 years since you’ve heard word from your best pal Joey Drew. Boy you used to make the best cartoons together!

Now you are back in town and Joey really needs to show you something.

So you head back to the old workshop, but where’s Joey? There’s just his old ink machine, but it looks broken. Wouldn’t it be neat if you fixed it before Joey got back?

Dark Mysterious Gameplay

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person puzzle horror game that takes place in a dark, cartoon-like world. Right off the bat the game puts you in an environment that looks and feels unreal.

bendy and the ink machine free download

Everything is made from paper, the angles are wrong, the colors are faded, and the sounds are distorted. And yet your voice shows no sign of distress, as if all of this is normal.

This horror game makes you walk the fine line between fantasy and reality, having you question if anything at all is real. It gives you the sense of getting sucked into a horror story that you wrote, slowly eroding your grip on reality.

Its grotesque, cartoonish graphics and ominous, droning music enhance the feeling that you are trapped in limbo, alone with demons made of paper and ink that haunt your steps just outside your field of vision.

Progressing Through The Game…

bendy and the ink machine gameAs you walk through the twisted corridors of Joey’s workshop, the place looks deserted, almost derelict.

The only presences are some eerie cardboard cutouts of cartoons.

Black, oily ink is leaking through the walls; words written on them. All this strangeness leads to the old, broken ink machine at the center.

Immediately you set out to fix it, as if mesmerized, oblivious to the dark environment that grows darker still with every step you take.

Final Thoughts

In the midst of these claustrophobic surroundings, you set out to serve your purpose:

Fix the machine.bendy and the ink machine

You ask no questions, you don’t think to leave, not even when you find a corpse in the workshop.

Maybe it isn’t real. Maybe you aren’t real. Maybe you are a cartoon puppet dancing at the animator’s whim.

Perhaps this is all happening in a crumpled storyboard on the floor, discarded and forgotten, along with everyone in it.

One thing is certain. You must fear the Machine.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Download!

Bendy and the Ink Machine Download
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