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Blacksmith Simulator Download

Blacksmith Simulator is more than just another quick gameplay simulator. While it’s price is unbeatable (free), the game play that is offered is both fun and interesting. With smooth controls and good graphics, it is one of the more interesting skill based games available.

The relaxing music, simple gameplay and smooth controls win over a majority of its players, and the chance to play as a Blacksmith brings together some components of Runescape and Skyrim.blacksmith simulator game

From the beginning of the game, players are introduced to the objective of the game. You are placed in the role of blacksmith where the player makes items that customers order. Whether it’s a sword, hammer or a spear, the player goes through the steps to create it.

After completing their first order, most players are given a gold coin. After finishing a few more orders, players receive more gold, a box or other items of value.. What’s great about Blacksmith Simulator is the game’s reward progression. The more time spent on the game, the more interesting the rewards that are exposed.

Progressing Through The Game – What You Can Expect

While the game is relatively on the nose, from it’s title to what the game is about, it isn’t necessarily without a few fun surprises. The game is very simple and fun, best for bored gamers looking for something blacksmith simulator free downloadto fill their time leisurely. The simulator is fun, but it has been known to get a bit repetitive.

The game has great replay value. The replay value of the game is created by its easy to play controls making it easy no matter the player’s state of mind or previous game background to explore the medieval craftsmanship game for hours on end. For some missions, all you have to do is get the wood, burn it and boom. You have a hammer. Since this game is for PC, the quick download and setup makes it an easy game to quickly start and get to playing. The developers made an amazing job on keeping this game easy to download and play without it taking too much space.

What About Graphics?

For the type of game that Blacksmith Simulator is, the graphics are great. With Minecraft like aesthetics and visuals, fans of Minecraft type games will enjoy playing BlackSmith Simulator.

The entire game’s design is focused on simplicity. The Blacksmith simulator developers wanted to make a game that was accessible to the widest range of players. From the second players start the game, till the time they finish it, it’s all one relaxed process.

Most video games make the mistake of being too complicated. This can scare the casual gamer from wanting to enjoy the product.

blacksmith simulator game download

My Thoughts On The Game

As far as free PC games go, Blacksmith Simulator is a good choice for those that enjoy simple games. For fans of Minecraft, Runescape, or Elder Scrolls skill based missions, Blacksmith Simulator is an easy game to get into. It’s easy to lose track of time racking up rewards.

Blacksmith Simulator Download
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