Bronze Age Free Download

bronze age free download

Bronze Age Game Overview

Exiled from their homes, a ragged band wanders into the untamed wilderness. They will need your help to survive and, with time, thrive in this new world.

Bronze Age focuses on the growth and defense of a bronze age tribe of peoples. Starting with a small band of migrants you found a settlement, attract new migrants, and grow into a thriving city. Manage resource production, city defenses, and trade routes. BronzeAge draws inspiration from DwarfFortress, SimCity, Factorio, and Civilization.

Current Features:

  • Basic economic buildings and homes.
  • Periodic waves of immigrants.
  • Expand to multiple settlements.
  • Trade routes between settlements.
  • Walls, and towers to defend against raiding parties of vicious masklings.
  • An advisor to give hints and help.

Bronze Age Free Download
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