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fatal velocity physics combat alpha

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat | Alpha Sign Up

fatal velocity physics combat alpha

About Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat Game

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is a very interesting shooter game that offers a wide variety of weapons such as ground pounds, push orbs, and jetpacks, with which you can load your two sets of equipment. The game can be played in multi-player mode.

As you move about using your Pull Beam to get closer to your enemies, you have to utilize these weapons to toss your enemies away or lead them into fatal pitfalls. The weapons only serve to toss enemies into danger zones but do not kill them.

The gameplay (drawing inspiration from Smash Bros in the way the weapons are used) engages your mind as it moves at a deadly but exciting speed, while offering great visuals.

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the unique-adventure game download

The Unique Adventure Download

the unique adventure download

About The Unique Adventure Game

“The Unique Adventure” is a first person, cleverly-narrated, decision driven comedy game.

Your parents have just left the country so they can expand their business – time for your reliable personality to fully shine. You’re on your way back home after a party, when you get this extremely good idea to see how your ex-girlfriend is doing.

As you jump over her backyard fence, you trip and smash your head on the pavement.

Next thing you know, you wake up in an unfamiliar apartment. Who sheltered you remains a mystery. What’s even worse, is that you don’t even know if they’ve sheltered or kidnapped you. All of these worrying thoughts are certainly not helping the headache you’re feeling.

As you progress, you start realizing this place isn’t like any other – strange things start happening. Doors that were never there start appearing out of nowhere. That’s not even the weirdest thing! There is a voice that keeps telling you what to do.

Can you trust it? Will you manage to escape? It is all ENTIRELY up to you!

You can download The Unique Adventure here. [Windows & Mac]