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the silent house download

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Find an Escape with ‘The Silent House Download’

‘The Silent House’ is a spine-chilling 3D horror game that has you explore the insides of a dark and vast mansion, trying to find a way out.

As you start playing ‘The Silent House’, you can walk or run through the dark and creepy corridors of a mysterious house that seems deserted. You walk through bedrooms, halls, a large library and a wine cellar, often running into locked doors that require finding a key or activating a certain mechanism to be unlocked.

The dark pixel-art visuals and the haunting background sounds help to create a really spooky atmosphere. While you are exploring the different rooms and corridors of the house, you continuously run into blood on the floor or on the walls, and find some notes written by an unknown but clearly scary individual. Are you really alone in this house? Soon you begin to doubt that.

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‘The Silent House’ is still in early development, so it does have some glitches and bugs that need to be fixed. Nevertheless, it is a quite promising horror adventure, with its jump-scares and blood-curdling atmosphere. The pixelated 3D graphics are especially cool, and the gameplay offers an enjoyably frightening experience. It is sure worth it looking forward to the finished version of the game. Who knows what lurks in the dark depths of a scary mansion and what crazy things (or people) you will encounter there…

☞ The Silent House Free Download

ink's sleep download

Ink’s Sleep Demo

ink's sleep game download

About Ink’s Sleep Game

Ink’s Sleep is a pretty little horror game that explores the strange and eerie scenes that happen inside the dreams of a cat named Ink. What goes on in Ink’s mind when sleep takes over? During the ten minutes of this gameplay, as you go through the labyrinths and dark corners of the cat’s dreams, you have the chance to play various puzzles, encounter monsters, a creepy vacuum cleaner, and a strange red ball of yarn that wants to escape.

In Ink’s artsy dream world, you get to experience the dark and eerie atmosphere of the queer happenings of an (apparently!) twisted cat’s mind during sleep time. Puzzle after puzzle, maze after maze, and monster after monster, you entertain yourself in a dreamy and odd world.

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past twelve game download

Past Twelve Download

past twelve download

About Past Twelve Game

A dark, dreamlike setting with a haunting and ominous atmosphere makes Past Twelve a creepy little horror adventure. It follows the struggle of a young boy who is sensitive to light, and who is being chased by a terrifying monster of the dark, known as “The Creature”.

As you go through a constantly changing apartment block that alternates between light and darkness, you experience the exceptional audio visual design of this 2D surreal game that takes about 15 minutes to be completed.

Darkness hides evil and a twisted reality, but you find protection and refuge in the light. Enjoy delving into the haunting corners of the apartment block as a mystery is gradually uncovered.

Past Twelve Free Download!