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witch it beta

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Play Hide and Seek with “Witch It Beta”

Witch It (previously Witch Hunt) is a highly entertaining multiplayer game, where a group of witches has to hide and turn into various objects, in order to escape from the hunters trying to capture them.

In this hide and seek style game, the witches have the ability to transform into random objects, which makes it easier for them to disguise themselves, so that the hunters will not spot them. However, the hunters have their own secret tool which gives them advantage: they can unleash their witch detecting chickens, which croak when a witch is nearby, thus signaling their presence.

Witch It Gameplay

At the start of the game, the team of witches has a short time to search the map for a place to hide, and choose an object to change into. Afterwards, the team of hunters has to look for the witches using their special chickens. Once they spot a witch, the hunters can bring them down by shooting them. So it is better for the witches to not stay at one place, but move around a lot, and try not to be seen while transforming into objects.

Witch It has had a lot of changes and refinements since its Alpha stage. In addition to introducing skills and leveling, you can also customize your characters; more different maps have been added, and there is more variety in the objects you can transform into.

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This merry Prop Hunt-inspired game offers a fun and engaging experience. Sign up for the Beta, in order to embark on a delightful hide and seek adventure.

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