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eagle island game

Eagle Island Download | Play Eagle Island Game

eagle island download

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Eagle Island is a beautifully designed, falconry-based, platforming adventure that involves traveling through a procedurally generated island with the ultimate goal to fight and defeat the evil eagle that has captured your friend.

The game is set in a charming pixel-art world filled with green landscapes, thick forests, deserts, and underground caves and tunnels. Your character can run, jump, and grab onto ledges at times. As you go through the ever more challenging levels, you come across deadly creatures that you can defeat by throwing your owl at them. When you strike enemies quickly one after the other you make a combo, which earns you bonuses and ancient gems.

eagle island game

One of your tasks in the game involves finding the ancient Totems, whose feathers bestow elemental powers. You can use these powers to increase your owl’s abilities and strength of attack. You can also acquire more power through the treasure chests that you find as you play through the game.

Being still in its alpha stage, Eagle Island shows a lot of promise as an innovative platformer with stunning pixel-art visuals and satisfying gameplay mechanics. With your faithful owl by your side, explore a beautiful world that you won’t want to fly away from!

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gravity trails game

Gravity Trails Game: Play Gravity Trails The Game

gravity trails game

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Gravity Trails is a short but challenging platforming game, set in a little galaxy filled with stars and planets. You have unfortunately forgotten to take a love letter to the post office, and now you must search the galaxy to find a post office box.

All you have to do is jump from planet to planet in order to find this box. You can move around a planet, and then take a leap to another one. Sometimes planets orbit stars, but other times it is the other way around, with stars orbiting planets. Here, things get a little tricky, because you must, at all costs, avoid coming into contact with stars, as you’ll be instantly killed. You have to carefully plan your leaps, and find the precise time to jump in order not to touch the stars.

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As you leap through space in your exploratory adventure, the game tests your skills and reflexes, while providing an enjoyable platforming journey. Created for the Ludum Dare 38, Gravity Trails offers a daring little galactic adventure, with schematic and simplistic, yet nice-looking visuals. It features a lovely and entertaining gameplay, making for a really pleasant experience that is certainly worth hopping into!

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Small World Download

small world download

About Small World Game

“Small World” is a platform puzzler created for Ludum Dare 38 by Jimmy BG.

Use a grappling hook and spade to change the layout of the levels and ultimately reach the exit.

In the game Small World, you will have to explore the environment around you, collect red shards and reach the red portal. This may seem easy at first, but after completing a few levels, you’ll have to start moving the isometric blocks with your grappling hook!

You also have a shovel at your disposal to push blocks away from you. This can help shorten your gaps between jumps. Your hook works the opposite way – use it to grab blocks and inch them closer to you. As you progress through the levels, you will start to see new worlds forming!

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