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everybody's golf game beta sign up

Everybody’s Golf | Beta Sign Up (PS4)

everybody's golf game beta sign up

About Everybody’s Golf Game

Six years after its last installment, Everybody’s Golf returns with a new game that brings back its classic features, while adding new modes that will put a fresh spin on this beautifully designed physics based golf game.

In the new installment of Everybody’s Golf, you are able to customize your characters and compete online. An interesting new feature that will be added is the golf cart racing. In addition, you can play other things between rounds of golf, such as looking for treasures and fishing.

The new Everybody’s Golf returns with its well-known humoristic nature and its amusing and carefree feel. The game does not seem to disappoint in its visual design. On the contrary, beautifully designed and colorful landscapes serve as the background for our 3D nice-looking characters to play golf and have fun.

Coming back with a new chapter, Everybody’s Golf is ready to excite and entertain players again by bringing new interesting features, while at the same time revisiting its typical gameplay characteristics. The Beta sign-up is now available for PS4 in Europe, giving players the chance of an early experience of this fun and joyous golf adventure.

☞ Everybody’s Golf Beta Sign Up! (Europe Only)