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Whisper Download | Play Whisper The Game

whisper download

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Swap Sounds with “Whisper Download”

Whisper is an interesting puzzle game where you have the ability to exchange the sounds two objects make between each-other, and in this way, exchange their physical properties as well.

In the virtual reality where the game is set, objects, such as tables, chairs, trees, etc., cannot be recognized from each other visually (even though they still differ in size),because all of them have the same shape, namely colorless cuboids. However, you can tell objects apart by noticing their unique sounds and physical properties, such as movement, floating, breaking, etc. These physical properties can be interchanged between objects during the process of swapping their sounds.

Most Unique Game Ever?

Whisper might need a little time for you to properly understand how to play it, but its originality and inventiveness are to be praised. With its stark and unusual world, the game offers a very enjoyable experience. The first-person gameplay is pretty cool and fun, exchanging objects’ properties by exchanging their sounds. You have to trust your ears, not your eyes, in this curious little puzzle adventure.

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Super Galaxy Boy | Alpha Sign Up

super galaxy boy game alpha

About Super Galaxy Boy Game

Super Galaxy Boy is a delightful platform game featuring puzzles, where you can enjoy probing into the depths of a cute little universe and blowing up aliens, while trying to come to the aid of astronauts lost in space.

The world of Super Galaxy Boy is based on gravitational physics, with each space object having a gravitational field of its own. You can pull off jumps across gravitational fields, and besides the standard jump, you can also execute a Rainbow Jump to cross long distances. As you shoot and hop your way through space trying to avoid dangers, you encounter various planets, some of which are hollow inside, so you can examine their cores.

Super Galaxy Boy is a very enjoyable action platform game that offers an adventurous gameplay and a nicely designed visual experience. It is certainly worth giving a try to this pleasant space adventure. Explore your way through a peculiar and interesting universe.

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ELECTRA Download

electra download

About ELECTRA Game

“ELECTRA” is a first person puzzle adventure game created by Pikopik.

The premise of the game is simple – you are a virus that is trying to infiltrate a space station. Your job is to work your way through the space ship by using the security cameras at your disposal. You also have a couple other devices to aid you like computers and keypads.

ELECTRA was made in just 72 hours for the AGDG Weekend Jam so it’s not a very long game, but it is quite entertaining. Give it a try!

You can download ELECTRA here.