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antigraviator game download

Antigraviator Game Download

antigraviator game download

About Antigraviator Game

Antigraviator is a super fast, gravity defying race game, where you can compete against seven virtual opponents or use split-screen to race against a friend in multi-player mode.

As you fly your ship at frantic speeds, you experience the beautifully designed graphics of the game and a WipEout-like frenzied feel. When playing the final version of the game, you will be offered different options and features to choose from when tailoring your vehicles to your preferences. Awesome background music will also be a part of the finished game.

Another interesting feature of Antigraviator is the ability to set up traps along the way. In order to do this, you have to collect power-increasing items, which you can also use to give a boost to your vehicle. There are three racetracks in the current demo, but more diversity will be added to the finished version.

Being at an early developmental stage, Antigraviator needs a little more fine-tuning on certain aspects. For example, more work needs to be done with the traps, as there is no appropriate way to see if they worked or not. Other than that, this is a great game. It is blissful to look at your ship move at crazy speeds as it races along the tracks. In addition to offering an entertaining playing experience, it also has plenty of style and it is visually exhilarating.

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SuperTuxKart Download

supertuxkart download

About SuperTuxKart Game

“SuperTuxKart” is a 3D kart racing game created by Joerg Henrichs.

Play with multiple characters, on different tracks, and all sorts of cool game modes. Just make sure you defeat the evil Nolok in order to make the mascot kingdom safe once again.

You can play SuperTuxKart with up to 4 players – play amongst each other or against the computer, it’s up to you.

Game Features:

  • 18 Characters inspired by Open Source project mascots
  • Explore 20+ maps with challenging environments that will test your driving skills
  • Different game modes like arena and soccer

You can download SuperTuxKart for free here.