Caveman Warriors Free Game Download

caveman warriors download

Ninja Caveman Reborn

Extraterrestrials have invaded your stomping grounds and swiped your infants.

Battle your way across the savage lands of prehistory with up to three friends to take back the future of your tribe from the probing claws of evil.

The inspired developers at Jandusoft bring you Caveman Warriors, a Kickstarter project which takes you on an action packed, side-scrolling adventure following the classic rescue tale.

A Powerful Primal Adventure

Drawing inspiration from several different titles such as Castle Crashers and Super Mario, Caveman Warriors is set on a zany and colorful prehistoric backdrop with enemy bashing action.caveman warriors game

Both the art and musical direction take the player on a vibrant primal journey while bringing to life each character and scene.

The game gives you that same feeling of genuine enjoyment from the side-scrollers of old – classics such as Metal Slug and Kirby.

Caveman Warriors Gameplay

Caveman Warriors download is a unique arcade game that allows you to play with up to three friends as four heroic cavemen with various abilities.

Single-player or multiplayer, this game is all about teamwork. The developers allow the player to switch between characters at will to tackle any situation at anytime.

caveman warriors free downloadEach individual character interacts with the world in a distinct way to aid the team on their journey.

Playing multiplayer and single player definitely has a much different feel to it.

Being able to control all the characters at will is appealing and challenging.

Your ability to asses a situation on the fly and adapt accordingly will be tested.

The multiplayer experience really makes you feel like a team as each player holds the power on a specific issue. This is a game that would be perfect for siblings or small parties looking to have some fun at home.

The Journey Continues

As the development of the game moves continues, I am looking forward to seeing what secrets the developers have in store for us.

How will they implement the individual personalities and skills of each character to further drive the aesthetics of the game?

From what I saw, each character has their own stats, attack speeds, and weapon ranges.

caveman warriors game downloadThis idea is what really makes the game feel so unique and gives it much of its enjoyment quality; however, I would like to see this refined or see more challenges that should be approached differently for different characters.

As of right now, Liliana and Jack seem to shine as the stronger of the character choices.

Liliana’s range and utility, Jack’s arching axe-throw and attack speed, is what sets these characters from the rest.

Final Thoughts

Demo, Alpha or whatever you want to call it, Caveman Warriors is an extremely well polished game in its current state and everything comes together for a rich and entertaining experience.

This project should have no problem getting funded on Kickstarter and I can’t wait to see the fully released game out for everyone to enjoy.

The action-platformer genre could use a few fresh ideas coming to it and Caveman Warriors is in a great position to be that fresh idea.

Caveman Warriors Free Game Download
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