Chill and Chart Download

chill and chart download

About Chill and Chart Game

“Chill and Chart” is a cool exploration game made by Matthew Newcombe, Danette Beatty, and Alejandro Cámara for the London Slow Game Jam.

You are a cartographer stuck on an uncharted island – with only a compass, paper, and a pencil at your disposal. Since you are the first person to ever come across this beautiful land, your job is to map it out. So that means you need to go out and explore, drawing everything you see. A good tip is to work your way up one of the mountains to get a better viewpoint.

Chill and Chart is a nice relaxing game with cool visuals and a sense of discovery. What are you waiting for? Go out and explore!

You can download Chill and Chart here.

Chill and Chart Download
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