Computer Tycoon Free Download

computer tycoon free download

Computer Tycoon Game Overview

A journey through computer history!

Start in the 70s Start your adventure as a small business somewhere in the world. Learn more about hardware and software inventions that were the first steps to our current modern world, and get a taste what is awaiting for us in the future. Watch how gaming industry borns on your platforms.

Create computers your way In Computer Tycoon the decisions you make during development really matter. Take advantages of the various upgrade possibilities. Does your product need more computing speed or should you focus more on features, low price or prestige? Maybe change to portable computers, or develop easy to use operation systems? These decisions will have a major impact on the success of company.

Grow your company Expande your company to multiple countries, build more offices, factories, labors and other needed facilites. Build an international reputation, take care of your relations with governments.

Market your computers Having the best product isn’t enough. You must take care of people needs or even change their needs with marketing campaigns. Balance well your budget between development, production, marketing and expansion.

Computer Tycoon Free Download
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