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Crash World by Two Story Games

“Crash World” is what happens when you put Cronenberg’s 1996 movie “Crash”, “Minecraft”, “Carmageddon”, and “GTA” together in a room, then leave the room and ask no questions. The product of the ensuing orgy of violence and comic relief is this game. It’s funny, it’s brutal, and so very, very square.

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The first thing you’ll notice after you press play is how closely the game resembles “Minecraft”; not in spirit but certainly in aesthetics. And that’s where similarities end. This game is all about crashing stuff with your car, in case the title left you wondering.

You assume the role of a pizza delivery guy, who’s balancing precariously between doing his job (i.e. delivering pizza) and exploding into an uncontrollable spree of killing and destruction. Either’s good, and by no means should you take the game’s “Chaos” meter as a nudge to do the latter.

Or should you?

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Destruction is the Name of the Game

See, the game rewards you for bumping into, running over, and straight up crashing stuff (and people), even going to the trouble of recording your wanton streak of devastation one imaginative description at a time.

So when you take down an electricity pole you get rewarded with 30 points of “Chaos” for putting the “lights out”, whereas when you crash many things at the same time you get the coveted 44 points of a “bunch of stuff”.

Running over pedestrians awards a meager 20 points though for wasting waitresses, mechanics, old ladies, and businessmen. As long as you keep your pizza vehicle fueled and avoid the cops, you can keep on dealing death and delivering pizza to your heart’s content.

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Open World Murderous Fun!

Playing “Crash World” you can see that a lot of thought has gone into simulating the physics of a real-life carjacking, pizza delivering mass murderer. The game boasts solid car physics, ragdolls, a dynamic and destructible environment, and of course the cops.

The game’s simple graphics allow it to be quite gentle on your processor, meaning that the open-world, randomly generated cities unfold seamlessly before you as you hammer your selection of pizza delivery vehicles (or tanks) into the unsuspecting populace. You even get to upgrade you wheels with guns, hats and other car attachments, so you can continue your rampage in style.

The only thing that need worry you is the police, who supposedly, are simulated perfectly. That is, if the police routinely rammed their pursuit vehicles into blood-crazed delivery guys gone postal.

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Crash World Download: Play Crash World The Game
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