Dead Man Shooting Free Download

dead man shooting free download

Dead Man Shooting Game Overview

Dead Man Shooting is a fast-paced action game with small roguelike elements, and Metal Slug inspired controls, developed for the 2017 CGA Jam.

Shoot for your life and try to survive as long as you can to a never-ending wave of outlaws trying to shoot you down. Pick cards to restore your life, gain extra ammo, earn money, and get luck clovers.

You can find up to 4 weapons (Revolver, Shotgun, Gatling Gun and Tomahawk axes), and 8 different power-ups.


Left, Right -> Movement
Up -> Aim up
Down -> Crouch, point down while jumping
X -> Shoot (game), Accept (menus)
Z -> Jump
C -> Reload weapon

Dead Man Shooting Free Download
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