Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Download

dead ringer fear yourself

dead ringer fear yourself download

Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself is a Sci-Fi horror game created by Paulina Pabis and Michal Pabis.

Driven by ideals, young scientist Dr. Laird seeks to ensure the global peace using his contentious nanorobotic creations. Talented but innocent, he inadvertently corrupts nanorobots supervisor A.I. software. Thus, M.I.R.A. is born – self aware artificial intelligence, malicious and driven enough to follow her perverted plan ferociously.

Do you have what it requires to intercept and terminate her chilly, virtual brain?

Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Features:

  • Enter M.I.R.A.’s base of operations and attempt to outsmart her snares and security systems.
  • Defend yourself against M.I.R.A.’s distorted biological experiments and monstrosities.
  • Transfer hidden using Cloaking Module and evasive strategies, or fight with savage force.
  • Collect parts of advice (diaries, data logs, emails) scattered through the mission website to recreate the course of occasions.
  • Encounter deep, shadowy feeling of dread with believable sound effects and climatic ambient music.

Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Download

Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Download
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