Dimlands Free Download

dimlands free download

Dimlands Game Overview

Dimlands tells the story of an overly-ambicious explorer, lead into the deepest and darkest paths of a misterious pyramid by the promess of gold and fame, with only the dim light of a torch to keep him company… Little does he know that a sinister and unspeakable secret awaits him at the heart of the seemingly abandoned ruins.

Made over the course of 6 months, this is meant to be a proof of concept for our game, which will hopefully be ending development by 2018.

Inspired by old-school isometric games such as Knight Lore, this version of the game packs most of the basic mechanics for the final game, including several types of traps, various kinds of items and consumables, and a diverse array of endings, which will vary depending on how the player died, or how much money he was carrying when he got out of the pyramid.

Dimlands Free Download
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