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duck build

duck build download

About Duck Build Game

“Duck Build” is a platformer game created by Liam de Valmency.

You have to hurriedly piece together a raft and escape the looming dangers of the ferocious waters.

Work alone, or team up with (or against) up to three buddies!

Duck Build Controls:

Please note, the game requires 1 to 4 gamepads for the multiplayer mode. If you don’t have any gamepads then you can play the single player mode using the keyboard.

Left stick/WSAD: Move
X/Space: Jump
Right Trigger/Left Shift: Grab
Circle/E: Glue Objects Together
Left Trigger/F: Arms
D-pad/Numbers 1-4: Emote

You can follow the development of “Duck Build” here.

Duck Build Download

Duck Build Download
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