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endora's box download

Endora’s Box – A Fascinating Story…

Once, a long, long time ago there was a woman.

This woman was special.

She was curious, beautiful beyond words, and she was sent by the gods to destroy humanity.

Her name was Pandora.

She knew nothing of her dark fate. With her, she carried a small box; unseemly and plain looking, it wouldn’t catch your eye twice. The gods told Pandora to never open this box.

But Pandora didn’t listen.

She slid the cover open and from this small unseemly box, spewed forth all blights, all plagues, and all the malice of the jealous gods.

And thus humanity knew suffering.

Endora’s Box Gameendora's game download

Such is the ancient myth of Pandora and her box. In Endora’s Box the myth is woven with a different thread.

You see, the box was collected by a secret organization, which took the name of the legendary woman and they took it upon themselves to control the evil artifact’s powers.

Driven by their mad desire to uncover its secrets, they made a simulacrum, another box, powered by all the evil and chaos they drained from the original.

But this new box was different.

Instead of unleashing the magic it contained, it sucked whoever opened it inside, damning them to wander eternally in limbo, until they would fall victim to its dark power.

If only you knew all this that fateful lazy afternoon, when your life changed forever.

Your parents had just left the house, when you heard the door bell ring.

There it was. A strange box with a baleful red eye drawn on the side.

Looking back, this should have probably alarmed you; looking back…

You’re in Endora’s world now, and your only hope is to escape… before your fate is sealed.

endora's box free download

Endora’s Box Captivating Gameplay

Endora’s Box is a side-scrolling, point and click adventure game, which will remind you of the golden age of Lucas Arts adventure games like Monkey Island, or Indiana Jones.

Scott and Nichole Fredley, the game’s designers, have done an excellent job in creating the eerie, captivating atmosphere of this world of primal chaos, enclosed in the confines of Endora’s Box.

The game balances between light and darkness, with its light-hearted cartoonish design and its dark horror overtones.

The game’s premise could easily be a version of “Hellraiser” with you getting drawn into another kind of “Lament Configuration”.

What You Can Expect…

endora's box downloadYou find yourself in a twisted, chaotic world populated by strange creatures, while at the same time remaining just close enough to mundane reality to make your skin crawl.

Nothing works exactly as usual, and the sense that alien, unfathomable rules govern this world is overwhelming.

Doors lead to spaces that defy reason, the TV is filled with news that makes no sense, there are talking fish nailed to the walls, and there’s …something living in the window that wants to be your friend. It says you must trust no one here; no one but it.

We wouldn’t want anyone to deceive you now, would we…?

Endora’s Box Download
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