Fariwalk: The Past Download

fariwalk the past game download

fariwalk the past download

About Fariwalk: The Past Game

‘Fariwalk: The Past’ is a first person horror game created by Aihasto.

You begin the game in a strange dark yard that seems to have no boundaries or rules of the physical world we know. I spent most of this game trying to comprehend what was happening in front of me, to the point where words would often be silenced by an overpowering unease.

This is truly one of the best horror games of the year. It’s mind melting horror mixed with it’s color crushed beauty, equates to it being the most mind bending horror game of 2017.

If you like dark, twisted, creepy, strange, uneasy and beautiful types of horror games, ‘Fariwalk: The Past’ is the one for you.

Fariwalk: The Past Trailer:

You can download ‘Fariwalk: The Past’ here.

Fariwalk: The Past Download
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