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Five Nights at Flowey’s or “Fazbeartale”

If you’re reading this article you are no doubt engaged in the indie game community. As such, it is nearly impossible that you have missed Toby Fox’s “Undertale” or Scott Cawthon’s “Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

Undertale takes the player through an 8 bit, self-aware, meta-game universe on a quest for solace among monsters. It sparks ethical rumination and is morally responsive to the point of being unforgiving, but in a novel and exciting way.

Five Nights at Freddy’s glues the player to their chair as they attempt to survive an onslaught of creepy animatronic demons through the use of resource management and timing. The horror story evolves over the course of five games, so far, that expand the horrifying universe.

Both games were brilliant innovations and have changed expectations of what games can do in the last three years. Each has a distinct personality and exists in an independent realm from the other. As you can imagine, the two go together like pepperoni pizza and butterscotch cinnamon pie. That is, maybe all right sequentially, as plates in a two-course meal, but not terrific mixed together in a bowl and eaten all at once.

It’s Be Killed or… Be Killed

Enter Fazbeartale, by OtherGamesProduction.fazbeartale game

With the logic that if A is good and B is good then AB must even better, OGP has made what fans of A and B never knew they didn’t need.

The game faithfully recreates the world under Mount Ebott, only replacing all the monsters with the nightmare inducing Chucky Cheese parodies we’ve come to know and dread. Ol’ Freddy takes the place of Flowey and Chica, for some reason beyond explanation, serves as Toriel. A crayon drawing on the wall reveals that these two characters once were parents together, which is more like Toriel and Asgore’s relationship. Still, Chica saves you and will probably act as your adoptive mother.

The question is, then, why do we need this amalgam of a game when we can play the originals?

Keep an Eye on Papyrus Cove

fazbeartale free downloadWith only 3 areas to explore in the alpha so far, there isn’t much to consider in our assessments. It is basically the same “Undertale” RPG endoskeleton stuffed into a Fredbear suit.

Has this Frankenstein’s monster (Ennard?) of a game been created out of respect for its parent games?

Certainly painters in training replicate famous pieces of art to learn technique. Musicians don’t relegate themselves to only playing original work.

Perhaps the same is true of game developers? But then, if this is mere practice why does the world need to see it? If it’s parody then where’s the humor? If it’s satire then what are the developers criticizing?

Maybe, if the monsters are merciful on us, we will survive long enough to see this game in its final form. If you want to follow the progress then click on the Fazbeartale download button below.

Fazbeartale Download: Play Fazbeartale The Game
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