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Reviving Local Co-Op ‘Flat Heroes Download’

“Couch co-op” games have been on the decline following the development of online multiplayer solutions; the new age gaming experience no longer involves being in the same room and staring at the same picture box with another person. Flat Heroes comes to us as a break from this trend. Currently in development by Parallel Circles, this intense platforming game brings us back to the days of simple yet difficult arcade games to be enjoyed with family and friends.

At its base, and when playing alone, Flat Heroes is a simple platformer in which you are challenged with a number of different problems to solve – the problem being: “how can I manage to survive in this unforgiving gauntlet.” Each subsequent level increases in difficulty and challenges you with the knowledge you gained from the level prior. This, however, is the most simple form of the game and, while enjoyable, is not the products main draw.

Survival Demo

The free-to-play version of the game exists as a survival mode demo where in you try to outlast an onslaught of unforgiving waves for as long as you can. This mode manages to spotlight the games’ strongest qualities such as rapid gameplay and intuitive mechanics.

This mode does a fantastic job of easing the player into the basics of the game with the first few second of the challenge that feel a little more like a tutorial; however, the difficulty quickly rises and demands faster reaction, and a degree of forethought, of the player. During each play through you become more familiar with the tribulations you will face and this serves to lead along a steady path of growth with no challenge leaving you feeling as if it were all too simple.

Artwork and Aesthetic

Flat Heroes lives and breathes the minimalist school of thought when it comes to its art and direction. The developers mastered eye-catching graphics while leaving the complexity and thought provoking elements to the gameplay and puzzles that it presents. Although this game is currently in early-access, it proves to be well thought out and refined from its design down to its programming.

As an added feature, the developers have stated that they have kept in mind the potential that someone playing their game may suffer from color-blindness. Though this may only be accessible in the final product, Parallel Circles has stated that they have provided a number of color pallets for gamers and will be working with the growing community to provide color options for each type of color-blindness.

Final Thoughts

Flat Heroes hits home for me, particularly, due to its simplistic style, it is a game that is both beautiful and enjoyable due to its thoughtful gameplay and minimalistic art direction. This high-intensity platformer is easy to pick up for any player but provides challenge for players at every skill level and age. I would highly recommend this up-and-coming title to anyone who would enjoy a (potentially) short game in the style of arcades as we were once acquainted with.

☞ Flat Heroes Free Download

Flat Heroes Download | Play Flat Heroes Game
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