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fragments of euclid

A Creative Masterpiece

“Fragments of Euclid Download”

The fact that this puzzle/exploration morsel was made during a Ludum Dare is a testament to what boundless creativity can achieve when it’s combined with a strict time limit.

Sure, Fragments of Euclid is more of a demo than an actual game, but the concept that drives it makes for a deep, contemplative gaming experience.

The first part of the game lasts for about 45 minutes, so after a few replays, you’ll probably be able to complete it in even less.

According to the game’s developers, the idea sprung from the fractal works of famous Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, and this shows. Wandering the impossible architecture of this game truly feels like taking a step into the painter’s innermost mindscapes.

This isn’t Kansas Anymore…

Starting a new game in “Fragments of Euclid” will make you feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.fragments of euclid game

There is something inherently alien to our mammalian perception about the unnatural geometry of the game’s environment.

The only reason this is not a horror game (because it definitely can be) is that the developers chose to keep it firmly in the “casually-walking-around-solving-puzzles” territory, and away from the “Lovecraftian-monsters-try-to-eat-you” genre.

That said, the sense of disorientation the game imposes on the player is spectacular.

Every structure looks defiant to natural law, gravity works relative to the surfaces – be they walls, ceilings, floors, or doorways – and there’s even a sepulchral voice muttering intelligible phrases to you.

Honestly, this game is half-horror by merit of concept alone.

Wandering Through Fractal Art

The game’s graphics reinforce the “otherworldliness” of the rooms you navigate through, being heavily stylized to remind you of pencil strokes; in fact they are what makes M.C. Escher’s influence in the game a bit heavy handed.

The good news is that if the aesthetics feel overwhelming, you can change them in the game’s main menu.

“Fragments of Euclid” looks like a painting and plays a little bit like Valve’s Portal.

fragments-of-euclid-freeThe environment is very immersive, and soon you’ll find yourself moving further and further away from up-down, left-right spatial orientation.

There are puzzles to solve too. Of course the puzzles are non-Euclidean in structure as well, so a crate thrown through a doorway might just as well fall on your head, having flown up the floor.

The only thing limiting your movement is simply your perception of how space behaves; in this case very weirdly.

A Seed for Something Great

“Fragments of Euclid Download” looks like it holds enormous potential, taking a very interesting idea and turning it into a promise for greatness.fragments of euclid game download

At this time the game seems to be floating between being a game and being an interactive shamanic trip.

It is too soon to tell if the game will be developed further and become the mind-bending Cenobite riddle that it can be.

The developers have made their intentions to add more rooms and puzzles in the future, so one can only hope. Say, wouldn’t it be great if they added a few Hounds of Tindalos in the mix?

Fragments of Euclid Download
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