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Free Running Perfection With “Fusion Point Download”

Trying out games in the Alpha or Beta test phases often times leaves much to be desired.

Depending on the motivation behind a game, the gaps could be in the mechanics, graphics, animations and plot meaning it’s hard to get a real sense of where the game is heading.

Some games, however, have the basic mechanics so finely tuned that it’s possible to feel the future life expanding out from the kernel we have available. That’s true of “Fusion Point Download” made by T4 at Digital Arts and Entertainment.

The Handling – All About Gameplay

Fusion Point is a free running platformer, with a smooth parkour feel.

The player controls the nameless and faceless character across glowing platforms and walls, magicallyfusion point game suspended over misty chasms.

Though there is no story to explain their purpose yet, the goal seems to bee to illuminate trees at the end of each level in the hopes of illuminating the great tree, which lives in the central hub.

On the developer’s website, there are hints that the main character is part of some civilization that lives underground and they are attempting to make their way to the surface.

The game requires precise timing and calculation, before leaping from the stable platforms, as the character moves quickly. But when situations become overwhelming the player can enter into slow motion mode to better stick their landings.

It’s easy to get the hang of the controls, and by the end of the Intro Level you’ll be dashing and double jumping like a champ. The animation is so immaculate and finely tuned it’s easy to get into a groove. It feels silly but I’d compare it to “Fancy Pants” or “N+.” It just handles like a dream.

The Features

Our hero has, along with his unbelievable agility, pretty diamond light powers, (that may one day be named) which allow him to double, dash, and run on certain walls.

He can also shoot balls of light at diamonds in the sky, which bring forth more platforms to land on and regain his bearings. It’s also only possible to aim the light ball shots in slo-mo mode which can be tedious when aiming from land but exciting when summoning platforms.

The Sleek Design

fusion point free download“Fusion Point Download” is beautiful to look at.

The character moves like a gravity altering, android “Prince of Persia” but his outfit, and the gorgeously rendered world around him make me think of “Halo.”

The world is immersive, believable and it draws the player in. Everything, down to the waving of the cape behind the character, is perfect.

Next Year’s Model

While we’re anxiously waiting for the rest of the game to be released, we can download supplemental software from EpicLeaderBoard.com to improve our time trial scores on the available demo. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on Fusion Point Download button and start playing!

Fusion Point Download: Play Fusion Point
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