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About Geneshift Game

Set for full release via Steam on April 27th , Geneshift is a brutal top-down shooter with its sights locked on nothing short of mayhem. Call in your friends or call out your enemies while wielding devastating power in this brilliant action-RPG by Nik Nak Studios.

Devastating Combat

Upon picking up the Geneshift demo, players will find that the multiplayer modes offer the most interesting and enticing experience; however, the full release is set to offer a complete campaign available in both single-player and co-op variants. The campaign tells the story of a zombie outbreak where the player is playing a scientist fighting against the spread of the outbreak.

Levels in any game mode contain a wide variety of deadly weapons, insane vehicles, and, to add extra carnage, you have the ability to boost your fearless demolisher with mutant powers.

In multiplayer, combatants are pitted against one another with the games full arsenal at their disposal. These matches are fast-paced, intense, and full of chaotic firefights and drive-bys. Engage the enemy in game modes such as racing modes, extraction, or the classic capture the flag. Players can either play casual or ranked games in which they will be able to earn in-game currency to unlock more powers and purchase deadly weaponry.

Controlled Chaos

Geneshift if a surprisingly well polished game and the developer should be commended for his efforts in creating a joyous game; even so, the game is not without its faults. Often enemies can feel infuriatingly spongy. This is less so a problem in single-player but almost rage-quit worthy when playing multiplayer.

Since players may grab barriers and can spec into healing/defensive skills, this can become quite the problem. This is most prominent at later levels and incarnations of the game so does not appear as a major issue especially if you are spec’d correctly to deal with it.

Final Thoughts

Even with the planned development stage coming to an end, I do not doubt that the one-manned Nik Nak Studios will continue to refine and expand this wonderfully chaotic game. I am looking forward to seeing even more weapons, vehicles, and powers for players to wreak havoc with as well as some ironing out of minor gameplay issues.

All and all, Geneshift is a treat and stands out amongst other indie titles currently establishing themselves. Let us cross our fingers that the servers can keep up with, what I can only assume, will be a rapidly expanding community.

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Geneshift Download
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