Get To The Orange Door Download (Demo Version 2)


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For those of you that might not be familiar with Get To The Orange Door; I’ve provided an overview below explaining the game in greater detail.

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Now on with the overview…

When describing what GTTOD is all about, you can look no further then the title itself. In the upcoming Get to the Orange Door you are – wait for it – getting to the orange door.

All The Different Game Modes

Everything is simplistic, and there’s an abundance of neon lights. There are certainly some similarities to last year’s Superhot, but Get to the Orange Door (GTTOD) carves out a niche of its own quite well. And hey, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

get to the orange door free download

The demo features six levels (with fifty to be in the final game) spread across two of the game’s five environments. There’s also a combat training level for you to use to sharpen your skills, and a sandbox in which you gun down droves of enemies while you cackle maniacally in real life. Then there’s Emission 2.0. There’s not much to do here except cruise around in the Tron-like hoverbike, but it does suggest that at least a few of GTTOD’s levels will feature the vehicle to some extent.

Move, Shoot, Jump…In Slow-Mo

The other six levels are all about shooting and platforming – and introducing you to a few of the game’s mechanics, like the ability to slow down time with a push of a button.

You can leave that toggled on the entire time and play all of Get to the Orange Door Download in slow-mo if you so desire, although speaking from experience – that makes platforming rather tricky.

As you progress through the game you will encounter a grappling hook, which can be used to cross gaps. (or bypass a few of the platforming sections if you’re especially industrious).

gttod game

More Levels In The Future

There are also mentions of a cloning mechanic and the ability to teleport, but those don’t make an appearance in the demo.

Fifty levels are a lot, though, so who knows what other secrets there are to uncover in the other forty-four. In a few of the levels, the design lends itself to multiple paths, and perhaps a few secrets snuck in somewhere.

Fun, But Not Quite Done

It’s a demo, and it’s incomplete. So naturally, there are issues. The camera can act against you, and sometimes when wall-running, it can clip through to the other side of the wall, which – to say the least – can be quite disorientating.

get to the orange door game download

The controls are also a little imprecise and floaty when it comes to movement. So when the platforming gets tricky, tumbles to your death become a little more common. Six levels in, I was just starting to get used to the feel of the game when it came to an end. So perhaps it’s something that can be alleviated when playing through fifty.

Get to the Orange Door Download has oodles of potential, especially considering it’s a one-man job, but the thing about potential is that much of the time it remains entirely untapped. There’s still development time left, and the concept is a solid one. With any luck, the game will be, too.

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Get To The Orange Door Download (Demo Version 2)
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