Hello Neighbor Free Download

Hello Neighbor Download

One of the most anticipated games out there is surprisingly not the next Battlefield or Fallout title, but a game that simply lets you enjoy the little things in life that otherwise, when performed, might put you in jail in real life. The game I’m talking about is none other then Hello Neighbor Download.

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tinyBuild • The Masterminds Behind Hello Neighbor •

Being the creepy neighbor that you’ve secretly always wanted to be, tinyBuild did not fail to deliver with hello neighbor hd screenshottheir new hit game – Hello Neighbor Download. Despite them being just a small indie game studio, their reputation and popularity has grown exponentially after the release of the very successful 2D games Speedrunners and Punch Club. Now they are working towards the next big title called Hello Neighbor, which is set for release in Summer 2017 – but don’t worry, you can download and play the latest Alpha version right now for free! See the link above.

What is Hello Neighbor All About?

Hello Neighbor is a stealth game with horror elements that focuses on creating an intimidating environment, rather than plenty of jump scares. Playing as the creepy neighbor, you have set your goal; to find out what your neighbor is hiding in his basement. With simple movements and mechanics such as running, sprinting, picking up random objects and throwing them, you break into the house to find any possible clue that brings you closer to your goal. This might sound like an easy task for you, but your neighbor hears and sees very well, so one small mistake might cost you the game. The horror element kicks in as soon as you enter your neighbor’s house as he moves around a lot, regardless if it is a bright or dark room. Your task is to keep avoiding his line of sight and the traps he places.

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Advanced AI System

The Neighbor is not a generic bot that repeats the same actions over and over again, making him predictable. In fact, tinyBuild mentions an advanced AI system where your neighbor might predict your own patterns, contributing to the difficulty of the game, such as placing more precise traps around the house and unexpectedly crossing your path. You may pick up objects and throw them at different traps in order to disable them – but beware, your neighbor has excellent hearing and he might be behind you before you even have the time to run away.

Hello Neighbor’s atmosphere gets darker and creepier as you advance in the game. To find out what your neighbor is really hiding, you will have to walk around his huge mansion, trying to find the right keys to the right doors. Some doors however, can only be unlocked by finding a certain code which is hidden somewhere in the house. Later on, the game develops into a puzzle – not complicated, yet very entertaining and challenging as it builds up tension in a fairly fast paced manner.

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Our Final Thoughts

There are no other games like Hello Neighbor, providing an atmospheric gameplay with a combination of stealth and horror elements. The game itself might sound repetitive, but with an AI that is highly intelligent and is able to predict your movements, I can assure you that completing this game is not a piece of cake. For an indie game, it provides you with over ten hours of play and it is definitely worth giving Hello Neighbor Download a try – who knows you just might fall in love with it.

Hello Neighbor Free Download
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