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infinity inc download

About Infinity Inc Game

Infinity Inc is a dystopian puzzle platform game set in a world where the cloning of any subject is possible. Use the cloning gun to clone yourself, but don’t forget what you’re dealing with!

Corporation Infinity invented the QMRD – Quantum Matter Replication Device. After the leakage of the device from the Corporation lab it fell into the hands of ordinary people and began to spread very quickly.

In a short time almost everyone on Earth had the QMRD. People cloned everything that came under their hands: money, food, energy and even themselves. Very soon, the world plunged into chaos. Trying to fix it the main character heads to the center of the Corporation.

The World Of Infinity Inc. is chock-full of deadly traps, and only cloning can help the main hero to survive. To solve various puzzles the player will need to switch between his clones, cooperate and control them to help each other.

Having noticed anything dangerous it’s better to play safe and create a clone. In the world of Infinity Inc. there are a lot of traps, lasers, presses, freeze guns, and much more.

Infinity Inc Features

  • Use a cloning gun to create your own clones
  • Control multiple characters
  • Feel dystopian atmosphere of sick apocalyptic world
  • Explore exciting story
  • Overcome different traps and solve puzzles
  • Enjoy handmade pixel art

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Infinity Inc Download
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