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insatia download

Eat or Be Eaten with “Insatia”

In 1976 the first “Snake” game hit arcades with clones bringing it to home consoles within a year. 41 years later and there are as many “Worm,” “Anaconda,” and “Snake” games as there are systems to play them and developers to make them. Tron’s Light Cycles were an attempt to create some multiplayer aspects in a fast paced snake game and now many such multiplayer, tail-avoidance games exist across the internet.

However, never before has anyone attempted a snake combat game, and to me that’s what’s most interesting about “Insatia.”

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A Worm for All Seasons

Player controls one of three colored worms. The green can only consume a variety of insects and larvae, which spawn at generators around the maps; the black can eat anything, but are not aggressive as NPCs; the red pursues other worms over the insects.

Like all snake games, the more you eat the bigger you become. In Insatia, that doesn’t only concern the length of your unwieldy tail, but also the size of your mandibles and therefore the size of the food you can consume.

Work your way up from a slow moving hatchling, nibbling aphids, to a slithering death snake biting heads off competing snakes.

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Test-Tube Babies

Unlike the worm games of ages past, Insatia provides the players with a story. You are a new employee in a company creating monster worms that can be remote controlled.

The game is your training as you learn how to dominate other snakes and creepy crawlies. The biggest divergence from standard snake games is that your own tail is no longer an obstacle.

The player cannot suffer a collision-based death at all whether with the walls or the tails of other larger snakes. Instead, if you have the stomach (size) for it, you can consume any part of the opponent worms that can fit in your worm’s mouth.

Snake and Dominate

The controls are also innovative. The 4 directions are available, but using them independently will surely result in your death as they only allow you to creep along. By slithering back and forth with the left and right arrows you propel your snake-worm of death.

Mouse and gamepad controls are also available.

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Owing to this need to maintain momentum the game is fast paced, but the player can hold down the “alt” key and freeze time to plan their next turn.

There is a jump key, which works as a break as you hold it down before launching at whatever grub or tail remnants you’re going to consume next. And when I say tail remnants, note that I mean your opponents and your own. Oft it is necessary, if you survive and attack, to consume your own rear end to bulk back up and rejoin the fray. “Ctrl” and a direction allows for a sharp turn, and holding up while turning is a less sharp turn.

There are plenty of details to sink your pincers into and hopefully as this game develops we’ll have larger interactive multiplayer worlds. If you’re brave and curious enough to try your hand at “Insatia” follow the link below.

You can download Instatia here.

Insatia Download
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