Kuudere Simulator 3 Download

kuudere simulator 3

kuudere simulator download

About Kuudere Simulator 3 Game

“Kuudere Simulator 3” is the much anticipated sequal to Kuudere Simulator 2 created by YandereDev.

You are the protagonist and can switch between being a kuudere, a himedere or a tsundere.

Game Features:

  • Pressing the O key will spawn Osana Najimi. She will speak in a very tsundere manner.
  • Pressing the Space key will cause the current character to bring out a gun and shoot Osana.
  • Pressing the H key will unlock Himedere-chan. She will speak in a very arrogant manner. Pressing the B button as Himedere-chan will make her say “Hmph!”.
  • Pressing the T key will unlock Tsundere-chan. The B button will make her say “Baka!”

You can download Kuudere Simulator here.

Kuudere Simulator 3 Download
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