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Build Your City with ‘Little Lands Download’

Little Lands is a really fun little city-building game made for Ludum Dare 38, in which you create a small town, manage resources, and try to keep your people well-fed, with the ultimate goal of building a ship that will carry you away from that small piece of land.

The game randomly creates a starting land for you to build on. Tiles of land pop up from nothingness and attach to your tiny planet over time. Sometimes these lands come together with certain resources, such as wood.

You start by building a town hall. After that you have to build a ship yard, with the goal of building a ship and sail away. Throughout the game, you have to make sure you are able to feed the population of your small town, every night. You can grow trees that produce food, which can be used to feed the people; you can build mines, lumber mill, windmills, storehouses, walls to defend your city, etc. At night you fight against pirates.

Little Lands is a short but entertaining strategy game, with nice, simplistic visuals. Enjoy creating your very own city and invest in resources in order to build a ship that will take you and your people away from that small planet into an unknown destination in space.

Little Lands Download | Play Little Lands Game
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