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Little Polys is a world-building game made for Ludum Dare 38, where you create and manage your own village on a small planet.

Starting Off – What to Expect

You start the game in a green landscape filled with grass and trees, with only two inhabitants whom you can use to gather wood and stone. These materials can then be used to grow your village little by little. For example, you can start farms to grow food; you can construct huts of different sizes to increase the number of inhabitants; you can build mines to procure more resources, and you can also build barracks and walls in order to protect yourself from enemies.


The controls are simple and easy to understand, with left-clicking to select people and right-clicking to lead them to a certain location. However, trying to rotate an object you want to place on the field (such as a hut or a farm) can be quite cumbersome at times, so Little Polys might need a little more polishing and refinement in that aspect.

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The visuals are quite simplistic but comfortable to look at, making for an overall nice-looking game. As you go further in the gameplay, you acquire more materials and villagers that you can use to expand and develop your village into a little “polis” which is so much fun to govern and organize. Enjoy creating your own little village world and be prepared to protect it against the perils of the night!

☞ Little Polys Free Download

Little Polys Download | Play Little Polys The Game
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