Lunar Regalia Free Download

lunar regalia free download

Lunar Regalia Game Overview

Lunar Regalia is an RPG that follows the adventures of a young postal worker named Bit. Who’s also a bunny. Originally content with his place in life, Bit is dragged into a whirlwind of events after a single delivery goes awry. As he befriends a colorful cast of characters and faces threats that begin to endanger everything around him, Bit must become the hero the world yearns for him to be. He may be half everyone else’s size, but he’s got more than enough heart to make up for it!

World & Characters:

  • Lunar Regalia takes place in a world filled to the brim with fantasy and high adventure.
  • Characters in Lunar Regalia bounce all over the place. The major two however happen to be Kemonos and Anthropomorphic animals. Y’know, for variety’s sake.
  • There’s also plenty of various baddies to beat upside the head, ranging from cute and quirky critters to powerful and ancient creatures of old. Also there’s monster girls…

Lunar Regalia Free Download
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