Member of War Download

member of war game download

member of war download

About Member of War Game

“Member of War” is a multi-player co-op game created by Sweet Productions.

You first choose what type of vehicle you want to use in the battle. You can use a land vehicle, an aircraft, or a ship. After that it’s you versus your enemies. The cool think about “Member of War” is that you have your standard weapons like machine guns, cannons, etc.. but you can also use sci-fi weapons like plasma guns, laser guns, and lightning guns!

Member of War Features:

  • Track player statistics and rankings.
  • 2 game modes – Domination and tank battle.
  • 4 maps
  • Ability to change vehicle appearance.
  • Plus much more!

Member of War Trailer:

You can download “Member of War” here.

Member of War Download
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