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You are Mr. Shifty, a super-powered infiltrator who can phase-shift short distances. 

You and your trusted hacker Nyx decide to storm Olympus Tower, the most secure building in the shifty game

The tower belongs to Chairman Stone, a notorious criminal mogul nested like a dragon at the top.

Little is known about his past and even less can be proven about his criminal activities.

Stone sits safely at the peak of his ivory tower, immune to the consequences, safe from retribution, untouchable by the law.

But you are not the law.

To others he is “The Stoneman”; to you he’s just another asshole begging to get his teeth knocked out.

Mr. Shifty Gameplay

mr-shifty-free downloadMr. Shifty is a fast-paced, top-down platformer in which you are called to solve action-packed combat puzzles… with your fists.

Each stage represents a floor in Olympus Tower and is filled with gun-wielding enemies, whom you proceed to mow down using your powers of phase-shifting and your appetite for violence.

Your moves are too fast for the thugs to follow and many a time you will find yourself standing amidst dead bodies before even one shot is fired.

Even the fact that you are unarmed doesn’t change the odds one bit, and when you get your hands on improvised weapons, like 2x4s, oars, and knives, it becomes sad not being anyone but you in the room.

Team Shiftymr shifty free

Mr. Shifty download is heavily influenced by the Hotline Miami franchise, but it manages to develop its very own unique character.

Somehow, the Australia-based Team Shifty – the game’s developers – has managed to cruise on that sweet spot between action-platformer and the movie “The Raid”.

The phase-shift mechanic allows you to reinvent combat tactics in a way that makes space fluid and enables you to use your environment to your advantage.

You can shift through closed doors, behind enemies, even through walls liberally, taunting your enemies before you hone in for the killing blow.

Many times you’ll be fighting crowds of Stone’s thugs, shifting through punches, firing arcs, and stabs with ease, laughing as your foes cut each other down in their futile attempts to get you.

Final Thoughts

mr shifty game downloadThe game’s learning curve is not too steep, even though you can only take one shot before you die.

Even then it’s not the end of the world, but you do have to start the level anew.

Your shifting abilities are not limitless either, and you will need to recharge.

Fortunately this happens so fast, it gives you the sense that you can phase with impunity.

The environment responds very dynamically, with shrapnel, wall fragments, and glass shards showering the area every time you catapult an enemy through a window.

You can kick down the doors knocking whoever is behind it senseless, but the same minimal protection applies to you. Enemies can fire through thin barriers and take you out.

Finally, when you’re too close to a gun muzzle for comfort, you go into “slow-mo” which allows for some extreme, ultra-violence crammed in a split second.

Mr. Shifty Game Free Download
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