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“My Little Blacksmith Shop Download”

In the last couple years, indie game developers have taken an interest in exploring the lives of the un-sung supporting characters living in our archetypal game worlds.

Hailing from the same lineage of thought as “Viscera Clean-up Detail,” “My Little Blacksmith Shop” takes you through the life of a weapon-smith who supplies the heroes of a medieval RPG with their trustee swords and hammers.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Take up your leather apron as you assume the duties of an entrepreneurial blacksmith.

Alone in your storefront, which is also your home, you must face the long days of labor besides a molten forge. The game centers around the production of weapons on demand.

Customers come running through your front door, asking for anything from a one-handed hammer to a my little blacksmith shop gamepolearm blade and you need to have it on the inventory wall ready for them in 60 seconds or they run back out.

That requires you use the game’s awkward first-person grab mechanic to heat ingot, drag the hot metal to the anvil and shape it into a variety of blades and hammerhead styles.

You then bring the business end of your weapon to the crafting table where you drop hilts and handles of varying sizes onto the shaped metal and they magically snap into place.

Customers only visit the shop during the day, which means the player can utilize the lonely night to stock up on supplies. Those supplies cost money so accurately assessing your needs and predicting the request is essential to getting your little shop of arms off the ground.

The game tests not only your dexterity as a smith, but also how much information you retained from your Economics 101 class.

Smelting A Perfect Game

my little blacksmith shop free downloadThe game is still squarely in the Alpha stages, and as such there are loose ends that foreshadow features as of yet undeveloped.

So while you’re submitting your orders for parts and roaming your property for abandoned blades and handles, you may notice a rainbow collection of shiny floating crystals, or the three-story high stone mech suit in the back yard.

Hopefully that means there will be more of a world to explore outside of your shop’s immediate surrounding. As it is there are no achievements plot or goal, and we’re driven on through our daily grind by the promise of accumulated wealth.

Every coin dropped in our little chest feeds the erroneous and characteristically capitalist belief that we may have enough to never want again.

At this point in the game, there are no repercussions if you do fail to make money. It’s solely up to you and your ability to self-motivate. To try your hand at small business ownership and weapon crafting, click on My Little Blacksmith Shop Download link below.

My Little Blacksmith Shop Download
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