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Namco Museum (Gamelinko) 1.9 MB

Namco Museum ROM
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Namco Museum ROM Download

Ms. Pac-man plays like it’s predecessor Pac-man with a few changes such as the orange ghost being named “Sue” instead of “Clyde”. The game offers four different mazes each represented by a different color. The goal of the game is to control Ms. Pac-man through each level collecting dots while trying to avoid ghosts. If you eat one of the levels Power-Pellets you become temporally invincible and able to eat one of the ghosts sending the enemy back to the starting area. Once all the dots are consumed you go on to the next level in which the game gets faster and harder to avoid the ghosts.

Dig dug is an arcade style game where you play as the hero “Dig Dug” later named “Taizo Hori” where the goal is to dig your way through each level earning points while avoiding or fighting monsters by inflating them with your weapon.

Pole Position is a racing game that was released in 1982. The object of the game was to get a fast enough time in the time trial so that you could compete in F1 against other AI racers at the Fuji Racetrack.

Galaga is a space shooter where you can control a ship fighting off hordes of alien ships. Your ship is at the bottom of the screen and can only move left and right, while the aliens are at the top who fly down towards you in formations firing projectiles. The object of the game is to kill each ship and progress to the next stage.

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