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Play As King in ‘No King No Kingdom Download’

No King No Kingdom is a first person roguelike kingdom building game set in a fantasy world, where you raise your own army and fight against enemies.

In total contrast to other kingdom builder games, No King No Kingdom offers a more unique and personal experience as you get to participate more fully as the king in the game: there is no top-down perspective but a first person one, and you can actually participate by fighting in battles or issue commands to selected workers or soldiers, thus controlling their actions and direction of movement.

You start the game by creating you kingdom, which means building various structures like walls, farms, storages, towers, castles, and even magic wells. For all of these, you need materials, which can be found in nature or produced by your workers. Little by little you create your very own kingdom, all the while being in first person perspective. Fighting against enemies and leading your army is also done in first person.

The game also features fantasy elements such as orcs, elves, and powerful creatures that you can control and use in battles. During the gameplay, you have to continuously travel in search of resources. In your travels you come across novel buildings and technologies, and also peculiar, magical items and relics.

No King No Kingdom is a compelling game that offers an immersive experience. Feel like a true king as you build and rule your own kingdom and experience everything first-hand!

No King No Kingdom Download | Play The Game Now
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