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A World, At Peace Free Game Download

a world at peace download


Peace, But For A Price…

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

― The Matrix

Despite there being no apparent link to The Matrix in A World, At Peace, the serenity and imaginativeness of the game has allowed me to go there.

It seems pretty clear from the start that it’s the blue orbs I’m after.

“If you collect 100 of these… You should head for that castle out there!” Then what…? Does one get to continue living in this peaceful bliss—in ignorance perhaps—none the wiser of one’s purpose in this game? Or will the story simply end?

The Man Behind A World, At Peace

The narrative is short, and sweetly existential, although it could do with a little fleshing out here and there. For his second-year design studio course, Joshua “heyitsjosh” Weinberg spent a mere 3-4 weeks on Unreal Engine 4 and Cinema 4D crafting a tranquil, low-poly 3D world in which one is able to lose themselves for a coffee-break amount of time.

All About Gameplay

Find yourself among lush rolling hills, pyramidal mountains, and glistening lakes as your protagonist weaves her way through this undulating, almost disturbingly quiet landscape.

a world at peace game

The music displays idyllic layers of piano, wind, and strings, and is almost hypnotic— an original soundscape by the author, using his current experience in music composition.

Gameplay-wise, everything runs really smoothly and is particularly calming. The only thing noticed was that if you jump while running, you just…keep running. Can deal with that.

Choose To Stay Or Leave

You reach the castle and you’re presented with an ultimatum.

Choose to stay and you are set to live out the rest of your days a motionless statue.

Choose to leave, and you are essentially collecting your last “blue pill” and returning to the world as you know it, forever unaware of the deeper truths this world may hold…

How to choose?a world at peace game download

If you had the opportunity to be in a world of eternal peace, but would simultaneously lose the ability to move or do anything, just exist, statuesque…is it worth it?

The game cleverly and quite beautifully leaves it up to you, for—according to heyitjosh—some “light theorizing”.

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helping hand game download

Helping Hand Game Download – Play Helping Hand Now For Free!


The Finger is Worth a Couple Words with Helping Hand Download

It was John Donne who famously said, “No man is an island/Entire of itself” pointing out the interconnected nature of mankind and the need for compassion to confront the hardships of life (and death.)

Helping Hand Game Download by Ben Crooks attempts to refute this poetic claim with an exacerbation of the chasm of language.

You’ve Suffered A Terrible Fate

The game concerns our nameless victim of a terrible car accident. Every bone in their body has been broken except his left hand, and his only means of communicating is with six hand gestures.helping hand free download

By pressing the first four number keys and spacebar the player puts down any number of fingers to make the peace sign, okay gesture, and thumbs down. You can also point, flip the bird or throw up your devil horns for varied reactions from your visitors.

The player interacts with their doctor and cranky nurse, as well as their mother, a priest and the man who hit them with his truck. The goal of the game seems to be to merely survive in the face of the absurd over-reactions of those attending the wounded.

Surviving Your Recovery

The game is entirely plot driven. The player only has say when the visitors have asked a question, in light purple font, which needs to be addressed.

In the current incarnation of the game, the player needs only to hold down the keys to make the okay sign, and one instance where you must point to press a button, to “beat” the game.
helping hand download

Repeating any other gesture will result in an unpredictably irrational reaction from the visitor, usually resulting in death. Even your own absent-minded mother can be pushed to the brink of throttling you in your hospital bed.

The text moves at a leisurely, which prolongs the game more than it needs too, for there is no option to speed up the conversations you’ve already encountered in previous play troughs.

The animation is crude even the standard of mid-2000’s Flash games, and the sequence of the various character’s arrivals and exits drag on. If your goal is to experience all the varied reactions you can induce with your free phalanges then you’ll have a fun time systematically sampling the possibilities.

Healing Takes Time

It must be noted that the game is in early development, and the team working on it promise an expansive storyline of which this free demo is only a small portion.

The concept is clever, interactive and hilarious so if the mechanics behind the NPCs becomes more helping hand game downloaddynamic and responsive the game will have legs.

As it is, the game is a bit disempowering and when the gulf of intelligibility is made so vast and the reactions so formulaic what’s left is a laborious guess-and-check experience which appeals mostly to the stubborn, masochistic perfectionists.

Click the links below to contemplate the meaning of self divorced from those you love by the gaping maw of a post-lingual existence.

Helping Hand Free Download


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