PC Building Simulator Download

pc building simulator

PC Building Simulator Download

Have you ever wondered about the infinite repetitions of universal patterns, from the microscopic level of neurons to the interstellar level of galaxies?

Do you sometimes muse that we may be living in a simulation?

Was “Inception” the best movie of all time?

These are just some of the questions you will be asking yourself when you start playing “PC Building Simulator” for the first time, along with “Why doesn’t the damn thing fit”?

This game will be perhaps the most meta- experience of your gaming history.

The game’s goal could not be more straightforward – assemble different builds and configurations of personal computers. But is this all?

pc building simulator game

4th Wall-Break Inside a 4th Wall Break?

Deadpool might have made 4th wall breaks look way cooler than playing a PC game that simulates building a PC, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing – in reverse! This time you are 4th-walling the game!

Yours is the power of the IT engineer with a limitless supply of components, free-reign to try every combination you like, and the lack of escape that IT positions are so well known for.

You get to experience the whole process of building a PC from scratch, starting out by picking a case and then “fleshing it out” until it becomes a fully operational system.

Even given the pre-Alpha stage of the game, it looks like the game devs took no shortcuts in keeping the component selection range as close to reality as possible.

Some of the parts may not be relevant when the game’s final version is released, but the developers promised to keep things up to date and up to the requirements of the discerning PC building aficionados.

pc building simulator free download

Nuts and Bolts

“PC Building Simulator Download” is made with the PC enthusiast in mind.

It’s not the graphics, or the sound of the game that will win you over; it’s the accuracy of the hardware simulated. In that department the game seems to deliver quite well indeed, offering the player a wide array of options.

Everything that is necessary to build a functional system is in there: graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, memory and storage units, power supplies, cases, cooling systems and more.

Every item is featured in full detail and behaves like the real-life equivalent.

Perhaps the only thing that’s too good to be true is how easily you can screw in the screws.

Other than that, everything is spot-on, down to the soulless fluorescent light that shines upon your IT realm.

pc building simulator free

Why Build a Virtual PC?

There are simulators for pretty much anything at this point, so “PC Building Simulator Download” shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The obvious reason for getting your hands on this game must be the desire to test the compatibility and functionality of certain builds before putting down the hard cash to buy them.

The other reason is because you understand the subtle pleasure of assembling something that works, very much like the sense of fulfillment of a puzzle well done.

Your reasons may vary as much as the range of sweet tech you handle in this game, but if PC building is what you are all about, then this is the game for you.

PC Building Simulator Download
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