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Let’s Get This Party Started

Being a lifeguard for hundreds of people in the summer is hard work. But what if those hundreds of people were more prone to spontaneous combustion than drowning?

Pool Party Panic brings this scenario to light and sets you up as the towel brandishing savior of this unlikely tale. Get your whistle ready and keep those eyes peeled because the developers at Outlaws Studio have held nothing back in this scorching pool management arcade.

This World Is On Fire

The concept of the game is enough to put a grin on your face, and the way the mechanics are implemented will have you chuckling to yourself, if not outright laughing out loud.pool party panic game

The guests that come to your pool (on what has to be the hottest day on earth) are constantly presented with the looming threat of being burned to ash and it is your job to guide them out of the flames.

Smack them into the pool, drown them in sunscreen, provide them with a little shade, or blast them with a super soaker; you must do whatever you can to keep your guests happy.

The challenge scales with every level and the player is pushed to manage more and more guests. Fortunately, with every new level there comes a new way to help you battle against the ever-growing inferno. At the end of the day, the player begins to feel more akin to a fire fighter rather than a lifeguard, but even this serves to add a bit more quirky humor to the game.

Nothing To Stand In Your Way

Pool Party Panic Download may appear to be slightly challenging at first but quickly begins to lose tension. The natural progression of larger maps and ever increasing numbers of guests doesn’t quite scale the difficulty enough to provide a constant challenge.

pool party panic free download

This may be due to the simultaneous introduction of tools to aid you but could also be blamed on the absence of multiple, or varied, opposing forces.

What’s more, the goals for every level don’t seem to do much for or against you and appear more like little gimmicks to give the player something else to focus on in the level.

While I understand implementing them as trophies you need to acquire to move forward, these too could be made more challenging as a whole.

May The Party Never Stop

pool-party-panicAs it stands, being an open beta, the game is fairly free of any glaring bugs – the most frustrating of which being entering the slide into the abyss.

The developers have a solid game on their hands here and it has managed to gather a flock of fans in its relatively short life span.

Hopefully development on Pool Party Panic will continue and its creators will be able to bring more hilarity and excitement to the title.

Pool Party Panic Download
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