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recollect free download

Recollect Game Overview

Recollect is a narrative-driven walking simulator with a text-adventure twist, developed as my honors project at Abertay University. Inspired by the supernatural mysteries of shows such as Stranger Things, along with the unique storytelling methods of games such as Firewatch and Gone Home, the game sees players embody Sam, a teenager, as she becomes entangled in a decades-old mystery regarding the disappearance of a prior student at her high school.

Players explore the high school environment, unravelling two narratives simultaneously – the primary linearly through dialogue interaction with Kim – the missing student, the secondary non linearly through environmental exploration.

With shades of Y2K and The Chinese Room argument, the game aims to subvert player expectations through atmosphere and the synthesis of disparate interaction systems; text-adventure and 3D first person exploration. The game aims to develop character relationships solely through the use text-based dialogue; the player interacting with a non-player-character entirely through an outdated computer system within the game world.

Recollect Free Download
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