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ruberg download

About “Ruberg” Game

“Ruberg” is a virtual reality sandbox game created by Metanaut.

Availbale for the HTC Vive, you get to build your dream Rube Goldberg machine. Share your creation with others. This is only the pre-alpha version – the final version is set to be released in late 2017.

Give this cool game a try and share your thoughts with us.

ruberg game

Current Features:

  • Launch a pre-built ruberg (short for ‘Rube Goldberg Machine’)
  • Choose from 27 unique gadgets to build with
  • Glue gadgets onto walls & furniture
  • Delete unwanted gadgets
  • Clear the room by deleting all gadgets
  • Move around
  • Set quality settings


  • Grab & Hold — Trigger button
  • Move — Hold down grip button & swing your arms naturally as if you’re walking
  • Library — Press small button located above the trackpad
  • Menu — Press and hold small button located above the trackpad
  • Glue — Press topside of the trackpad to toggle the glue mode on. While on, grab a gadget and press against a glue-able surface

You can follow the development of “Ruberg” here.

Ruberg Download

Ruberg Download
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