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Survival of the Fattest With Run Chubby Dudes!

Side-scrolling running games are Smartphone app bread and butter because of their simple controls and repetitive structures. They tend to concern themselves with the affairs of robots, unicorns, teddy bears buff adventurers and adolescent delinquents running from authority figures. Run Chubby Dudes by Talbone takes the tried and true running game and makes it scarier, gorier and chubbier.

Leader of the Pack

Run Chubby Dudes throws you, from the ceiling of some death factory, a handful of tubby, stubby creatures doomed to perish in the blades and gears whirring along the factory floor.

run chubby dudes free download

Curiously, each Chubblet has it’s own randomly generated set of stats which affect its ability to overcome the obstacles in it’s way. They run in this 3D rendered hellscape from a spiked molten steamroller down an infinite hallway until their little legs give out.

As you progress, keeping these people alive as long as possible, the ceiling bequeaths you with more fat men, who are both a failsafe and enormously burned. As the machinery takes it’s toll on your numbers, the blood and guts of the fallen paint your screen until you’re operating your barely synchronized army down the danger-course from memory.

Treadmill of Existential Despair

As with all run games failure is inevitable. While in most losing is framed in a cute way related to the plot, Run Chubby Dudes Download only promises to extend the brief miserable existence of these ghostly fatties for moments before they’re torn to shreds.

The player ends up wondering what the point is? Is the axis upon which the game works the juxtaposition of the adorable Chubby Dudes with the torturous gears of demise?

run chubby dudes game

The questions at the heart of the game dig at the heart of our most dearly held beliefs about death. Questions about the morality of suicide, the ethics of euthanasia, and the reason for taking a bath when you’re just gonna get dirty again bubble up as the player sends wave after wave of useless doomed Chubsters to their destiny.

In the words of Jean-Paul Sartre:

“Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance”.

Only in this game, weakness of the character’s randomly generated jumping ability also contributes to death.

Hope at the end of the Tunnel

What I found is the game is easier to navigate with fewer Tubbikins taking up the screen space. By testing out their abilities, the player can determine which contender is the fittest and use them as a focal point.

By then killing off his peers in moments free from obstacles, the player can mitigate the distractions caused by the blood splatter of the doomed weaklings.

The games controls are slow and clunky as the characters controlled and one might believe there is no point in suffering the massacre of the obese. However, the game is still in development and the creator warns the masses that what is free to play now is only a fraction of the planned content so keep your ear to the ground and stay alive until Run Chubby Dudes Download hits steam in it’s full form.

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Run Chubby Dudes! Free Download
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